Top 5 Fall-themed Party Ideas You Need to Try!

The rustling sound of fallen leaves and the crisp scent rolling in the air — these are the obvious markers that fall is finally upon us. For many people, fall marks the start of the holiday season. It’s when the weather starts getting chilly, and the nights seem to get longer. This is usually the perfect time to gather around with your friends and throw a party.

Whether you like to organize big bashes or small hangouts, no party is truly complete without proper decor. So, if you’re excited about October rolling into Falls, Dallas, TX, look no further! Jacks Dollar has all the party supplies you need to get your celebratory event started.

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But if you’re not so sure of what to set as the party’s theme, give this blog a quick read. We’ve listed some of the most classic yet cozy themes you can settle on and take your party to the next step.

  1. Pumpkin Carving
    Nothing brings you and your loved ones closer than a pumpkin carving contest. If you have access to an open backyard, decorate it with pumpkin-shaped paper lanterns and set up the scene for a perfect carving competition. You can lay out the tools on a table and set up individual pumpkins for everyone attending.
  2. Harvest Moon Masquerade
    If you’re more of a fantasy-lover who revels in extravagance and elegance, then a harvest moon masquerade ball might be more up your alley. To stay on budget, you can get specialized masquerade masks for your guests and dress up the venue – be it indoors or outdoors – to match the mystical theme.
  3. Murder Mystery
    Nothing screams classic October nights better than a murder mystery with your family and friends. Put together a game plan that details an intricate murder mystery. Depending on the plot of the murder, you can set up and decorate the surroundings accordingly, bringing the scene to life.
  4. Backyard Bonfire
    We know that not everyone likes to go over the top, which is why a laid-back backyard bonfire is a wonderful alternative. All you need is to set up camps in your backyard or get artificial logs to recreate the look of an actual bonfire in the woods. Add in fun activities like singing, dumb charades, and roasting s’mores to really set it off.
  5. Pumpkin Spice
    Let’s be honest: fall can never truly be complete without a big cup of pumpkin-spiced latte. The rich aroma wafting off the warm cup is enough to set the mood for this season. You can gather fallen leaves, create DIY craft projects with them, order pumpkin-spiced treats, and have a chill slumber party with your friends, enjoying the cozy indoors.

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Now that you know how to put together the best fall-themed party, what are you waiting for? If you’re in Falls, Dallas, head over to JACKS Dollars Party & Event Decor for an extensive supply of party decor items and more! We have everything you’re looking for to boost your event.


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