Try These 4 Creative Balloon Arrangements at Your Next Party!

Balloons have a magical way of transforming any space into a world of wonder and imagination. Be it a children’s birthday party or an elegant wedding, nowadays, balloons have become an essential decor item that is almost always incorporated into events. So, if you’re planning an extravagant fiesta or a simple celebration with your friends but don’t know how to utilize them, make sure to keep reading this blog for creative ideas on balloon decor.

How to Select The Best Balloons

Before you get started on displaying your inner artist, it is important that you have access to the right type of balloons. From foil to latex to vinyl, the options are endless. Nevertheless, here are some tips and trends you can follow when looking for the perfect balloons for your party.

  1. Always Go For Vibrant Colors
    The balloons you select must be based on the theme of the party or event. That is to say, if there is a color theme, stick to colors or shades of the balloons that match the range. It is always safer to select vibrant balloon colors. This is because when you blow them out, the material will thin out and automatically take away from the vibrancy, which is why loud colors are a safe choice.
  2. Check for the Material and Stretchiness
    If you’re planning on creating balloon art, then you will require strong balloons. When selecting the supplies, always look for the quality. This includes the material of the balloons, the stretchiness, color fade, etc.
  3. Latex vs Foil
    It can be difficult to decide on just one type of balloon. However, when building something as complex as a balloon arch or any other type of art, it is important to stick to one material for all. Latex balloons are the most common since they come in various finishes and have a wide variety of colors.
  4. Shape and Design
    While colors and the material are very crucial to consider, don’t forget about shapes. The reason why balloon decor is so fun to work with is because of the different options you get to play with. Be it your average circle balloons, heart-shaped, elongated, spiral, or star-shaped, you can pick and choose according to your preferences.

Balloon Arrangements and Decor Ideas

Once you have your balloons and the necessary items all prepped up, it’s time to move on and make use of them. Depending on the type of party you are organizing, you can twist some balloons and prettily join them together to create the following shapes:

  1. Balloon Bouquets
    One of the most classic decor ideas is a balloon bouquet. All you have to do is gather up a bunch of balloons and tie the strings together for a stunning centerpiece. Depending on the size of the balloons, you can either let them sit in the corner or attach them to the wall for a DIY photo corner.
  2. Balloon Columns
    You can’t go wrong with a balloon column. They work great on their own, but often, big events station these columns by the entrance of the venue or by the main platform to attract more people. You can also decorate balloon columns by adding a top foil balloon to bring it to life. Not to mention, it’s super easy to create on your own!
  3. Balloon Archway
    If you’ve been to any fancy event, you must have noticed the overhead arch created by balloons. Crafted out of different shaped balloons — some big, some small — a balloon arch can really uplift your event and take it to the next level.

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