Personalized Perfection: Custom Baby Shower Decor Ideas

Transitioning into the journey of motherhood is one of the most beautiful and exciting things in the world. In order to prepare for the newborn’s arrival, people extend their happiness and gratitude in various forms. Some may bring in gifts, some may plan gender reveals, some may host dinners for the new parent couple and some may be in-charge of preparing for the final event – ‘baby shower’.
Are you given the duty to arrange and manage a baby shower decoration? Being an in-charge and a perfectionist simultaneously can be challenging. It is quite a responsibility to make sure everything is in order – from venue fixing, to menu setting and other baby shower decoration.
So, if you are looking for ideas to host the best and memorable baby shower for your best friend, cousin or acquaintance – Here are some ideas for you!

Pick a Theme

Instilling excitement for any event is very crucial and important. While maintaining high curiosity, make sure you create a hype followed by cute invitations, theme setting or color coding. A theme lets you streamline ideas and gives a clear pathway to think through the entire baby shower decoration.

Stage Set-up

A stage is the center of any decoration. As per your theme, pick a stage set-up that resonates with the liking and the overall feel of the event. A stage should also be appropriate as per the scale of the event. Whether you are inclined to boho, feminine, modern or chic, decorative items should be chosen accordingly.

Memory Wall

If you want to add an emotional aspect to your baby shower décor, a memory wall is an amazing idea! This may include pictures of the couple during the pregnancy. Ultrasound and maternity photoshoot can also be included as they set foot on the journey of parenthood.

Sitting Arrangement

It is important to choose a sitting arrangement according to the theme of the event that also links with the aura you want to achieve. Examples can include traditional, picnic style, lounge style or mix high and low seating and arrangement options.

Culinary and Confectionery Items

A baby shower is half successful by décor and half by good food. Good, yummy and presentable food should be a top most priority as it is an encompassing feature of any get-together event.
Cake, cupcakes and cookies can be customized and presented to the guests.

Creative Corner

As a customizable idea, you can also create a creative corner where invitees are encouraged to pen down their well wishes for the couple and child. Activities such as pottery painting or others can be arranged for increasing interaction and liveliness.

Party Favors

If your budget allows, following the end of the event you can also give cute little souvenirs as a gesture for being part of the event. Some ideas for party favors may include candles or daily use items that carry value.

Photo Booth

Securing the memories in photographs is never not a good idea. Designate a space for a photo booth with props related to parenthood and a live experience to get your photos printed.

Plan and Execute the Best Baby Shower with Us!

A baby shower is an intimate event of joy, happiness and heartfelt moments. Personalized touches not only add value to the event but also reflect time and effort being put into executing an event so close to peoples’ hearts.

Whether it is finding the right props, decorative items, table-wear or centerpieces, JACKS Party & Event Decor is a one-stop solution for all your baby shower décor needs. Browse our website and find out unending possibilities of creating not just an event but an experience for all!

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