7 Essential Tips on Planning a Budget-Friendly Graduation Party

It takes years of patience, resilience, and core memories to get to the stage of graduation. It’s a time that marks happiness and joy —- when your closest friends and family come together to celebrate your success. And what better way to do that than by throwing a graduation party, sharing the momentous occasion with all?

However, planning a party is not exactly easy, and when it comes to graduation parties, the expenses can get a little over the top. From party supplies to catering to gift bags to the venue, every small thing can add up, tipping your bank account over. But that is exactly why we’re here, ready to save you from your downfall.

Smart Tips on How to Plan a Graduation Party on a Budget

If you’ve recently graduated and want to throw a party, one that doesn’t make you go bankrupt, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of special tips and tricks that are bound to boost your party planning session. So, what’s the hold-up? Keep scrolling to read more!

  1. Lay out a Realistic Budget Plan
    The very first thing that you need to do is sketch out a budget plan. Be realistic and list out all the things you are willing to spend on and how much money you can spare overall. This will serve as a guide for further planning.
  2. Select a Theme That’s Easy to Work Around
    Not all graduation parties need a theme, but it’s easier to choose something so that when you’re getting party supplies online, the decor matches the theme. It can be a basic color pattern, or something fancy, whatever you prefer.
  3. Find Someone to Co-Host the Event
    The best way to go about a graduation party is co-hosting it with someone, especially if your friend or sibling graduated with you. By working on the party together, not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also get twice the better results!
  4. Be Thrifty With the Venue
    Sure, everyone loves a fancy venue, but when you’re on a budget, a big venue can be pretty costly. Instead, look for cheaper alternatives like a backyard, a local park, or even the beach!
  5. Be Very Selective with Your Guestlist
    The bigger your guest list is, the more you will have to spend. Rather than sending invites to every single person you know, narrow it down. Only invite the people you love and cherish to make the event more memorable.
  6. Add in that Element of DIY Decor and Invites
    There is no surprise that party supplies and decor are expensive, which is why DIYs are a lifesaver. You can get affordable streamers and balloons while putting together a custom backdrop yourself. Plus, for invites, you can choose a more eco-friendly route by designing and sending out e-invitations instead of paper mail.
  7. Skip The Catering and Turn it into a Potluck
    Hiring caterers is not cheap, especially for a big party like graduation. However, you can always order pizzas and sandwiches from your local restaurant or turn the party into a potluck fiesta for an added level of fun.

Closing Words

Ultimately, it depends on how big of a graduation party you want. But as long as you follow the tips mentioned in this blog, you can cut back on a lot of extra expenses.

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